Digital Prayer Beads For Meditation

digital prayer beads for meditation from all world religion wisdom traditions

Do rosaries, decades, kriyas, malas, rudrakshas, mantras, chants or affirmations sound familiar? Try this tool for digital prayer beads.

When you need to keep count while engaging in meditation or prayer it is common to use beads. This app serves as a “digital prayer beads” tool. Now you can track your count without physical beads.

Settings in the app allow you to choose between tactile vibration or audible sound for interval and cycle notifications. You can also customize the cycle size itself.

Peace, Shanti, Shalom, Alaafia

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Special Notes

* Make sure your mobile device is not in ‘Silent’ mode. This can prevent the functioning vibration and chime notifications.

* Consider activating Airplane Mode to keep incoming calls from taking you out of the app.

* When using the sound notification option consider headphones if you don’t want to disturb others in group settings.

digital meditation bead counter